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Giving Back


I'm Shelly, 

I am an Author, Podcast Host, Youtuber, Momma to 4 angels, my Rainbow Baby Ryan and my soon to be 2nd living child TJ! I truly believe there is no better bridge to connection that the connection that forms through Vulnerability and I aspire to inspire others to share their stories in order to do just that... connect. 


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Grab Your Merch (100% profit goes to Fertility Giveaway)

As you Guys know My Bigger Picture Goal with the "Life After Miscarriage" Community is to someday pay for or at least pay for part of 1+ Infertility Journey. I take 10% of all of my Personal Earnings to contribute to this giveaway but I figured this would be a great opportunity to not only provide the Fam with some LAMFAM Merch but also raise extra money for the Giveaway.


Once apart of the LAMFAM always apart of the LAMFAM! Now let's help someone become a Momma!

Purchase Here


How has the #LAMFAM helped you?

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